Grocery Provisioning

How far in advance do I order?

We request that you place your order at least 48 hours in advance of your arrival for your kitchen to be stocked for your stay.  We will try to accommodate all requests, but we sometimes are already booked or out of town.

How do I place an order for groceries?

We request that you make a list using the following format:

QUANTITY *** ITEM ***. specific BRAND name or Generic *** SIZE

Please be specific — for example, “1 Tomato” could be interpreted to mean — 1 Roma tomato, 1 pound of vine-ripened tomatoes, 1package of cherry tomatoes, 1 organic tomatoe or 1 can of whole tomatoes, etc.

Also, please make sure we have your cell in case we need to text you.

Can we purchase alcohol?

Sorry, at this time we cannot (since we are stocking the house before arrival, we have no way to check ID’s in person).

Do you substitute items that are not available?

Yes, unless we receive specific instructions to the contrary.

If you do not specify a brand name, we will choose a known brand if available

If a specific size is not listed, we will select a medium size.

If a product is out of stock, we will first try to substitute the same brand at a different size packaging.  The next smaller size is substituted unless we are given other instructions.

If we cannot change size, we will substitute a different comparable brand of the same product

If it is not possible to substitute a size or name brand, the item will be deleted from the order, and you will be informed at the time of delivery. We  cannot be held responsible for out of stock items. 

If you would prefer to not have products substituted, please inform us of your preferred substitution policy when placing your order. 

What kinds of items can I order? 

When making your shopping list, please bear in mind that the grocery store in Machias is fairly small and variety can be limited.

We also have a Walgreens and a small natural food store and an indoor farmer’s market (open only a few days per week).


Delivery to Machiasport

$25 for less than $100 of groceries from one store

$30 for $100-$150 of groceries from one store

$35 for $150 -$200 of groceries from one store

$200+ groceries – 20% of total order from one store

$5/each charge for each additional store stop

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