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SNOGA. Snow plus Yoga. Yes, it’s a thing.

If it has to do with snow and winter activities, you can bet that someone in Maine would have discovered it.  The newest craze is SNOGA — yoga in that fluffy white stuff we call snow.

I first heard of SNOGA through an article in the Bangor Daily News.  It was invented (I suppose) by Holly Twinning of Maine Yoga Adventures.  Yoga is done with some modifications — no poses lying down, and sometimes the use of snowshoes to help with balance. (However, the extra weight of snowshoes can also hinder balance-keeping on some poses).  I have to admit, I’ve never thought about doing a headstand with my head buried in snow, but it strangely appeals to me.

Maine Yoga Adventures is located in Orono, Maine (about a two hour drive from Machias).  Looking at their website, they offer amazing adventures, not just all over Maine, but all over the world:

Maine Huts & Trails Adventure
Ice Climb, Snowshoe & Soak Adventure
Katahdin Ascent Adventure
Winter Skidaddle Weekend Adventure
Tuscany Adventure



Maine Yoga Adventures
PO Box 502
Orono, Maine 04473


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