St. Stephen New Brunswick


If you have a current passport, St. Stephen is just over the river from Calais, Maine.  It’s a small town.  It’s a little gritty, like most of the rural towns in that area — on both sides of the border.  If you pop over, you’ll find a Tim Horton’s for coffee and, of course, Timbits.  St. Stephen is know as Canada’s Chocolate Town so you really can’t find anything bad to say about that.   You can tour the chocolate museum and visit the Ganong candy shop.  And if your vacation coincides with the annual chocolate fest (usually early August), all the better!

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Whiting Store and Int’l Welcome Center

international visitors center


You want to explore all that Down East Maine has to offer. You’ve wandered through the blueberry barrens in Jonesboro. You’ve maybe stopped for lunch or a bit of shopping in Machias and now you’re still headed east. Just when you think, “Holy jeepers, where the heck am I going?” you’ll come to a crossroads. To the right is the road to Lubec and Campobello Island. Straight ahead is the road towards Eastport, Calais and New Brunswick. At the fork is the Whiting Store and the International Welcome Center. If you have any questions about the area, this is the place to get answers (and a spotless rest room, to boot). If you need snacks and provisions, the Whiting Store has it all, from staples to hot foods to a bit of gossip. Add in gas and wifi and you’ve got everything you need to get you ready to continue your adventure.

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